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Perry's Berry'sVineyard & Winery

Friday 12 to 5 pm
Saturday 12 to 5 pm
Sunday  12 to 5 pm
Hours will be updated on June 16 with Blueberry Season hours.  

pick your own blueberries 

Perry's Berry's is a family-owned Blueberry Farm & Winery. Blueberries are our main crop with over 3500 bushes. 


Wines & Ciders

 Ice Cream (Blueberry is one of the favorites)

Jams & Jellies


Ashe Co Cheese


Q&A about care of Blueberries
Q. When do you prune Blueberries?

A. January and February

Q. Do you mulch BB 

A. Yes, with Pine bark or pine needles. 

Q. Do you sell blueberry plants.

A. No, you may want to check a local nursery

Q. What type of soil do BB need.

A. Blueberries need an acidy soil.  Do not apply lime

2023 BLUEBERRY Season begins week of June 20. You can purchase  already picked blueberries in the Farm store. 

blueberries for sale.JPG
blueberry pour.JPG
blueberry overload.JPG

We except Cash and major credit cards.
We prefer cash for blueberry purchase. 

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